Google auto-detects your whereabouts to get local search results


Nowadays, in Google’s top-level domain does not give priority to country codes anymore. The giant decided to provide localized results on the mobile web, the Google iOS app including Search and Maps for desktop, without depending on country-specific domains.

From now, Google will use your location to display the result in front of you, for example, if you are currently in New Zealand and you are going to visit then you will still be able to get search results depending upon your current location.

The Google identifies the location, current location can be displayed on the lower left corner of the page.Google does have the ability to automatically detect your current location, even if you change country and it will automatically provide search results accordingly.

Google gif

For example, if you moved to Pakistan then it will automatically provide you results tailored for Pakistan.Obviously, Google will transition back to the United States as you moved back to the previous location.

However, it will be annoying, when the user is in some other country and wants to visit localized results for another country.

But here we got a solution, you only need to go through settings and look for drop-down menu containing  “Regions for Search Results” for setting location.