Google Duo allows you to call people who don’t have the app

You may all know about the  Google Duo app, owned by Google itself, now the search giant plans to extend to the entire world.

Now, Duo users can be able to do video calls and they can even call those people who do not have this app or they did not register service offered by this app.

This feature will work like traditional calls that are made on this app and at the end users will receive a message or they will be prompted for app installation if they do not have this app before.

They will also be able to decline any of future Duo calls from a particular person, several tech websites have contacted Google for confirmation.

Well, it is a good step from the company for providing accessibility feature. And, it should encourage all those who have already installed apps for more widespread use of this app.

Moreover, the company is also working on expanding the user base. An iPhone users can be able to access all of its contacts as compared to an android user.

Yes, there may be some feature that will help you in reaching all of your contacts. Thanks to the App Preview Messaging feature, which helps all of Android users in using all supported messaging apps for contacting people who do not have an app installed on their phones.

The smart messaging app Allo is supporting App Preview Messaging feature right after its launch. But, the interface/ design for recipients without the app is bit awkward.

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Zeeshan Akram
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