Google Earth is almost ready to work on Firefox

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Google Earth

Previously in this year, Google Earth can be accessed on a browser, after which the users are able to implicitly search world without installing Google Earth application.

Apparently, Google Earth application is only compatible with Google Chrome browser and now, the developers have been working hard to change its compatibility settings so that it can be able to execute on any browser.

According to a tweet on their Official Twitter account, they have been making good progress for introducing the web-based app to Firefox.


Previously, when the Google Earth team was working on the app for the web, they were only having two options to introduce a native code into a browser.

The option they chose is known as “Native Client,” which is only supported by chrome but the team promised to develop another version through WebAssembly, which is an open standard for executing native codes in the browser which is still under development.

After development in WebAssembly, the company is now able to work and utilize it for further development. One of the amazing thing about WebAssembly is that it is also supported by Safari and Edge along with  Chrome and Firefox.

Once Google’s team completed its work then the users can be able to access all of its satellite imagery on almost every browser.


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Google Earth is almost ready to work on FirefoxImage Name
Solaris Tech Tips November 2, 2017 - 6:13 pm

Loved reading this blog and am quite surprised that Google Earth will now be working on Firefox as well. The technicians must have worked really hard. I would recommend one and all to read this blog, especially all the tech-savvy people who would love reading it just like I did.For recent technology news you can visit here also


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