Google has started testing android apps and games on PC

by Ijlala Maqbool

Microsoft launched Windows 11 with the promise that it would support and run android applications on it, whereas that feature was not ready for the desktop platform. 

Google has begun testing android apps on the Windows 11 platform on PC. The company has just launched a new Google Play Games app on the Windows platform as a beta. Users in specific and selected markets can sign up for the Google Play Games and run up to 12 games on their windows, including Asphalt 9, Homescapes, and Gardescapes. 

The beta version of Google Play Games on Windows is only available in specific countries, which are South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. However, this beta version of Google Play Games is going to be expanded over the other regions soon. 

The Google Play Games menu looks a lot like the Google Play store on Android, but with extended descriptions and different styles of notifications for whether the game has in-app purchases or ads. 

According to the company, to be able to participate in the Google Play Games beta, your computer must fulfill these minimum specifications:

Windows 10 (v2004), Solid State Drive (SSD), Gaming Grade GPU, 8 Logical CPU cores, 8 GB of RAM, 20 GB available space on the computer, Windows Administer account, Hardware virtualization must be turned on, Compatible PC device and configurations.

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