Google is working on foldable phone prototypes too

foldable device

In numerous interviews with different media groups, Google’s Pixel division’s head was asked a question about foldable devices.

During the interview, Mario Quieroz stated “We’re definitely prototyping the technology. We’ve been doing it for a long time.”

Last year, the search engine giant, Google announced that Android will support foldable devices.

But, the question is that when this native support will be here. He acknowledged that at least the company is planning to develop this native support.

Google’s spokesperson stated that this latest technology is really important for the company but the fact is, the company do not have anything to speak about it.

Apparently, Samsung has been leading the market with its flagship Galaxy Fold. Therefore, it has a potential benefit over its competitors.

However, if these foldable phones get some segment, then the company might help others to produce foldable phones. But, Google might wait for some other company, who successfully debuts such gadgets.

So, it will invest a huge amount to get some profit. I think, this might be the reason, that the company has released its low budget Pixel 3a instead of releasing some flagship device.


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