Google just made scheduling work meetings a little easier

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
Published: Last Updated on

Somehow, there is good news for the users who are always busy in manipulating both Google G Suite tools and Microsoft Exchange for having better schedule management at work.

But, according to the latest G Suite update, Google allows G Suite users to have access to their coworker’s real-time free/busy information using both “Find a Time” feature of Google Calendar and “Scheduling Assistant” feature of Microsoft Outlook.

In the admin console, the G Suite admins can now be able to allow a new Calender Interop management feature using the settings for Calendar option. Admins can now be able to pinpoint matters with the setup via troubleshooting tools.

These troubleshooting tools will offer various suggestions for fixing certain issues and is also capable of tracking interoperability successes and failures for every user using logs, which are made available by the Google.

This new version is available on all three Android, iOS and web version of Google Calendar along with desktop, mobile and web clients for Outlook 2010+, only for those admins who want to enable it. Google proclaimed that the complete rollout should be executed in three days.

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