Google just revealed the Pixel 4 on Twitter

by Zeeshan Akram
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Here is the latest smartphone from the search engine giant Google. Now the Google has decided to compete for all smartphone by showing off the back camera of its latest Pixel 4.

The company posted it on its Twitter account @madebygoogle. The image posted by the company features a square-ish camera module.

It is expected that particular camera might feature numerous lenses. This is the first time, an of the smartphones features multiple lenses with the square-ish camera.

If you are the one that has always been looking for new smartphone leaks. You probably know that the tech giants such as Apple, Samsung,  and Google never published anything about their upcoming smartphones.

This is for the first time that Google has posted a smartphone leak on its Twitter account. From the past few years, the company has revealed specifications of Pixel family before launch.

Recently, the Pixel 3a and 3a XL were on sale at Best Buy before their official launch. In 2018, something similar happens, a shop in China started selling Pixel 3L before its official launch. It seems that Google is opting to enter into the field of leaking specifications before launch.

However, it is good news for Pixel fans that Google is going to upgrade optics in its upcoming flagship phone.

You might know that Pixel 3L features an astonishing image quality. Apparently, numerous competitors of Google has been using multiple lenses to provide a better picture quality to its customers. For the Google Pixel 4, we will have to wait for a few months.

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