Google has been planning to launch it’s new and helpful feature for Google Map. The latest feature will help travelers and commuter, who loses track of time or do daydreaming during their train, subway or a bus ride. The app will now provide alerts to them using a push notification when they will be near their stop.

This is small but a very useful introduction but it is already introduced by some other navigation app such as CityMapper. It can go a long way in waking you up from a haze so that you can be able to lose your stop or allows you to get off at the right place.

Google Map has done a great job in providing good driving directions to all of its users by providing turn by turn notifications, but you are naturally more attentive while driving.

It is not much difficult for the mass transit travelers to get distracted and miss their destination.  Now, it will be likely for you to miss stop while you are getting back to back notifications.

Blog post of the Google focuses on Android, but this new notification feature is now available in the iOS version of Google Maps.