Google Pixel 4 Series Prices and Color names leaked Online

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Google Pixel 4 Series Prices and Color names leaked Online Image Name

Once again, its time of the year when Google releases its Pixel series phone to the public. The launch event of Pixel 4 is expected on the 15th of October. Right before the launch, the shower of leaks becomes more fluent, and in Pixel 4 case nothing is different. The prices and color names of Google Pixel 4 devices leaked online.

The color options are just black, clearly white and Oh So Orange for the 4 variants of Google Pixel 4. Its is a naming convention that Google uses to represent colours of Pixel series devices. Otherwise, the simple names of colours could be Orange, Black, Chalk and Blue.

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL Specs

There will include two phones with variants in terms of storage and RAM with the name Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. The Google Pixel 4 will come with 5.7-inches of the display while Pixel 4 XL will have bigger 6.3-inches screen. Both phones will have an OLED screen that means a brighter screen with impressive colours on both. The devices may have a feature called Smooth display which allows users to switch from 60Hz display to 90Hz.

Two lenses are for sure on both devices – the primary lens along with the telephoto lens. The 12MP primary lens with 16 MP (tele) camera setup will be available on the rear. It is quite obvious that both models of Pixel 4 series will be running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipsets. The 6GB of RAM will be available in both along with 2800mAh battery in Pixel 4 and 3700mAh battery in Pixel 4 XL.

Google is innovative and keeping its tradition in mind we are expecting uniqueness of some kind in their new flagships. The Pixel 4 series will have Soli Radar Chip which enabled a motion sensor to allow change music by waving hands in the air. The gesture controls are now a thing, I guess!.

Google Pixel 4 Price

Speaking about the price of Google’s 2019 flagships, the Irish website Elara listed products with details about pricing. The pricing details for both phones, Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are available with and without tax below:

Country Model Discounted PriceNon-discounted Price
 USA Pixel 4 64 GB          $903        $1,016
USAPixel 4 128 GB          $1,037        $1,167
USAPixel 4 XL 64 GB          $1,112        $1,251
USAPixel 4 XL 128 GB          $1,241        $1,396
 UKPixel 4 64 GB           £723         £814
UKPixel 4 128 GB           £831          £935
UKPixel 4 XL 64 GB            £891         £1,003
UKPixel 4 XL 128 GB            £994          £1,119
 CanadaPixel 4 64 GB           $1,197          $1,347
CanadaPixel 4 128 GB           $1,375           $1,547
CanadaPixel 4 XL 64 GB           $1,474           $1,659
CanadaPixel 4 XL 128 GB           $1,645           $1,851
 AustraliaPixel 4 64 GB           $1,333           $1,500
AustraliaPixel 4 64 GB           $1,532           $1,724
AustraliaPixel 4 64 GB           $1,642           $1,847
AustraliaPixel 4 64 GB           $1,832            $2,061
 IndiaPixel 4 64 GB         Rs 64,219        Rs 72,287
IndiaPixel 4 128 GB         Rs 73,793         Rs 83,034
IndiaPixel 4 XL 64 GB         Rs 79,132         Rs 89,010
IndiaPixel 4 XL 128 GB         Rs 88,275         Rs 99,310

Let me know how much you are interested in the Google Pixel lineup and would you love to buy one this year?


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