Google Podcasts comes to iOS and desktop


Since last summer, Android users are enjoying Google Podcasts. Now, it is reported that both iOS and desktops users will be able to enjoy the search engine giant’s listening interface.

You all may know that whenever you search for a podcast title, Google always shows you its products. This behavior of Google has made the BBC remove its shows from Google Podcasts.

On Desktop, if you search for a podcast, Google will provide you a list of recent episodes. But, if you click on a particular episode, the search engine giant will take you to to listen.

The worst thing is that you will not get the app if you are directed to Instead, it will force you to download a particular smartphone product.

Therefore, you will have to click on a particular podcasts’ episode in search of getting access to the play interface.

But if you signed in using your Google account, you won’t have to worry about the last podcast you had opened. Because Google will automatically sync it across your device. Therefore, you can continue where you left.

Zack Reneau-Wedeen, Head of Product at Google Podcast, stated in a tweet:

At I/O 2019, Google proclaimed that soon search result will only show relevant episodes depending on your search term. For instance, if you search for a particular unsolved crime, you might get an episode under the heading ‘Podcasts about this story.’