Google sets baseline standards for temp workers after outcry

Once again, Google has been showing interest in complaints regarding strategic decisions and working decisions.

The tech giant is keen to implement “minimum standards” for temporary staff. As a result, approximately 900 employees have signed a cover letter containing critics about the company’s policies.


After the start of 2020, temp agencies and suppliers will have to give $15 per hour to Google Contractors.


After 2022, the companies will be bound to give “comprehensive” health insurance, 12 weeks of paid parental leave, $5,000 per year in tuition reimbursement and eight paid sick days.

According to Adrienne Crowther, Google’s employee, “We wish it was as easy as flipping a switch and turning this on tomorrow.”

As from Google’s spokesperson, the company has been in progress for making these essential changes and numerous partners are looking for these changes to happen in 2020.

The criticism started when Google announces to reduce the contract period of 34 temp workers on the Google Assistant “personality.” The job of these employees is to decide how an AI answers to users’ questions.

According to the workers’ letter, Google did not allow the full-timers to show their support and in this case, the company could be “legally liable.” But, a manager realized that full-timers should sympathize with temp workers.

Possibly, it will not satisfy contractors as they have observed that the company did not highlight the key demands in the letter.

Google already made it clear that “work[s] to transition” temp staff to full-time status but in this case it does not seems so simple and resembles with Google’s stance. As 34 temporary employees are going to lose their job.

Zeeshan Akram

Zeeshan Akram

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