Previously, people have been standing along any particular restaurant and waiting for their turn to get their favorite recipe booked or get a place to enjoy their meal.

If you want to visit any local restaurant then you will get two choices. Either you should go to any particular restaurant and have dinner at 4 pm to ignore getting in line with others or just visit a restaurant and stand in line with others and wait for your turn.

But, we do not expect it to be introduced sooner if it happens then the company will provide you wait time for million of restaurant around the world.

You need to look for a restaurant on Google and visit the business listing, then scroll down to Popular Times section where will you be able to see estimated wait time.

You can also move forward by hitting on any of the hour bars to view an expected wait for that time period and can scroll left and right to perceive a review of the day’s entire waiting times.

Previously in this year, Yelp and Nowait joined hands for providing remote queuing but with the help of latest function by Google, users will be able to skip queue entirely.