Google’s data-friendly app YouTube Go expands to over 130 countries

by Adeel Younas
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YouTube has released its lightweight version of the app named ‘Youtube Go’ for Pakistan. The app was simultaneously released in 130 countries to help users save data.

YouTube is undoubtedly the most significant network for uploading and viewing videos of your interest.

Pakistan is a vast market for both the viewers and content creators on YouTube, but there are certain limitations of using the app/website in a country where most of the times internet connection isn’t reliable.

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To counter that, YouTube has launched a lighter version of the app dubbed as YouTube Go, so that you can save your mobile data and enjoy some other features too.

YouTube Go in Pakistan

Although YouTube Go is already available in the international market, Pakistanis just got their hands on it. It’s a fact that most of the times, the internet connections are sloppy and unreliable in Pakistan.

YouTube Go can be the solution to all these problems as the available beta version of the app promises working in low or no connectivity and saves your data usage. Also, you’ll get transparency of usage so that you can connect with your loved ones without any hassle.

Here’s why YouTube Go is recommended:

Better User Experience

This feature was meant to be on top as it allows you to quickly get a glance at what you’ll see in the video by tapping the thumbnail. This was necessary as there are plenty of click bait videos scattered around on the YouTube server.

This will also give you an idea of whether to watch the video at the moment or to save it for viewing later through the download button. Moreover, you get to choose the amount of data you’d like to spend on that video.

Filtered Videos

YouTube Go’s home screen carries a customized list of ready to view videos that are filtered by their popularity in your area. This will help you watch the videos that matter to you the most and get rid of the unrelated ones. This also means prioritizing the videos in your local language

Resolution of Your Own Choice

While downloading a video, you’ll be asked to choose a resolution just like in the case of the standard YouTube app. This will also help you save mobile data by downloading the video only when Wi-Fi is available.

Share Videos Feature

Last but certainly not the least, is the sharing feature of YouTube Go, which allows you to share videos with your friends and family nearby without using any data. Just select the videos and share them with your fellow YouTube users.

Data Saving YouTube Go App Now Available in Pakistan

YouTube Go app has been launched simultaneously in 130 countries including Pakistan. To get your hands on the app, download the beta from the Google Play store and sign up if you haven’t already.

For now, the full version is only available in India and Indonesia, unfortunately.

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