Google’s Files Go storage management app lands in China

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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You may know that in China, most of the Google products are banned but the search giant has been introducing its product and services very slowly.

Recently, the company has introduced a China-specific version of its Files Go, which is Android storage management app aimed to help low-end smartphone users to free up some space.

Initially, the company aimed to introduced this app in developing countries but it’s popularity forces the company to introduce it globally.


As Google Play Store is already banned in China, therefore, Google has been trying to make Files Go available through different Chinese app store including Baidu’s, Xiaomi’s and Huawei’s.

 Over the past year, for the third time, Google has introduced one of its product and services in China. Back in 2017, Google has managed to introduce Google Translate in the country.

Recently, the company has introduced  ARCore, allowing a lot of Chinese Android Users to access augmented reality experiences.

So the introduction of these three apps will allow the company to introduce some more products in the country.

But, it will be a difficult task for the company to relaunch Google Search and YouTube in China due to its strict censorship regulations.

The company has been trying hard to make some space for its product, therefore, the company has recently established its AI center in Beijing as well as a new office in Shenzhen, which can be named as China’s Silicon Valley.


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