Google’s Fuchsia will replace Android and Chrome OS

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Google's Fuchsia will replace Android and Chrome OS

Google’s Fuchsia is an experimental open-source project of the company aim to replace Chrome OS and Android.

According to the report, Google is making a team of 100+ members that will work together to not just replace Chrome OS and Android but will make Fuchsia so it can run on all the gadgets that Google makes.

Google’s Fuchsia will replace Android and Chrome OS.

The report also claimed that the members are working with the ultimate aim – Android and Chrome to replace with Fuchsia OS, and Fuchsia OS to run on smart speakers and other gadgets.


Fuchsia is supposed to have voice commands built into its core and will stop using the Linux Kernel in favor of the Zircon, which will help with legal issues around Andoird’s use of Java but it will make Android ecosystem integration more difficult.

Matis Duarte Google’s vice president of design is working part-time on the project. This Fuchsia is expected to be the Google’s One true OS in five years.


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