Android’s head of security claims platform now as secure as iOS

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Android Operating System, despite its popularity, has had a history of security loopholes, some of which can be attributed to its open source nature of others to plain incompetence. A most notable exploit was discovered back in 2015, the StageFright bug which hackers could exploit through sending SMS. In 2016, millions of Android phones were infected malicious software called HummingBad. Which was used to generate bogus ad revenue and back in 2017, Wikileaks revealed a document which showed that CIA had developed malicious software for the Android phone.

In the introduction to the 2017 Year in Review of Android Security, Google claimed to be leading the way.

Android security made a significant leap forward in 2017 and many of our protections now lead the industry.

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Android security lead David Kleidermacher effectively told CNET that Android now rivals iOS security.

Kleidermacher said, without naming any names, Android is now as safe as the competition.

He acknowledges the big problem with Android security, which CNET’s Laura Hautala summarizes.

When someone finds a major Android flaw, the company has to send updated software to the companies that sell Android phones, and those companies have to deliver the updates. It can take a really long time, or not happen at all. On top of that, Android users can easily “self-own” — that is, they can download malicious software without meaning to — because they aren’t restricted to choosing apps from Google’s Play Store.

Lack of security is one of the prime reasons why corporations shy away from using Android devices, but that’s set to change, thanks to Google’s new Android for enterprise program. Google’s head of security for Android, David Kleidermacher, claims that they are working hard on making the platform bug-free. This year’s Android Security Year in Review showcases some of the measures implemented by Google. Without further ado, let’s take a look at them.

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