Google’s Lens AI camera is now a standalone app

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Google Lens API

Previously, Google has promised to introduce it standalone app and today, the company has released standalone Lens apps in the Play Store.

The company has already integrated this feature in maximum Android phones and the app does not include any new feature, literally, it just works as a quick launch for the platform.

The devices having android version Marshmallow or above supports this app. According to most of the users, this app is not working fine on their smartphone.


But most importantly it’s Lens, a feature that allows you to identify landmarks, artworks and even dogs, which never fulfilled its promises as being a computer vision platform.

Recently, the company has revealed a lot of exciting new features for its Lens including text integration and Style Match.

By introducing a separate app shows that the company enables its every user to play with its app.


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