Google has been working a lot on making the border between humans and robots on the web and has concentrating on the projects to make it better all the time.

In the recent years, the company introduced CAPTCHA, Completely Automated Public Turing tests to understand computers and humans, the test also called as reCAPTCHA which requests users to enter to words as shown in text labeled above the box or ask users to confirm the street view addresses or simply tick the box.


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Utilizing the mechanics of both machine learning and advanced risk analysis, the company has upgraded its system for identifying the user behavior without dedicated interplay.

While you are going to visit web page the control will disappear and the relevant content will appear. However, if you have a visit to Google’s risk analysis algorithms, you will have to solve a huge search puzzle.

As the new system is invisible, it will be detecting the users’ IP address and users’ mouse movement. According to Google statement, its technology will “actively consider a user’s engagement with the CAPTCHA — before, during, and after — to determine whether that user is a human.”

Which indicates that users will not have to face transcription, in fact, they may be able to find the content for which they have been looking for.