Google Plans to Cover Earth with 1000 Satellites for The Internet

We’ve seen Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook wants to spread the internet and has already started testing express WiFi in India which he claims that will offer faster and quality connectivity of internet via public WiFi hotspots in rural parts of the country.

Google also joined the race and started working on internet project. Google is already providing free internet at railway stations and metro stations across multiple countries.

If you have a regular follower of Technology you must be aware of Fiber is the fastest way of internet connection. However, it is not possible to lay wires everywhere. So, Google started working Project Loon. Google has filed a patent (US 20170005719) which was spotted by Patent Yogi.

IMAGE SOURCE: PATENT YOGIGoogle Plans to Cover Earth with 1000 Satellites for The Internet

The patent shows that Google is building a constellation of multiple satellites moving along specified trajectories across the globe. These satellites will help users communicate beyond the reach of current methodologies of internet connectivities.

According to patent, the constellation will have two layers of satellites which will include both geostationary and non-geostationary satellites. Both of these layers of satellites will have unique altitude and inclination angle on earth’s equator.

Google’s satellite constellation will have around 1000 satellites, exchange of data will be done through various ground stations. Two layers of satellites are arranged in such a way that it will cover approximately 75% of the earth.

It this patent becomes a reality then the majority of the organizations in this world will be benefited. These satellites will be the core of internet connectivity, weather analysis, navigations, military operations, and researches, etc.

Google Inc. has filed this patent on 30th of Sept 2014. But it was published by United State Patent Office on Jan 5, 2017.

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