Grand Theft Auto returns to its top-down roots next week


In the last big event of Grand Theft Auto Online, the game has native named as Cunning Stunts and has animated aflame in the hearts of users. Next week’s add-on may introduce it blazing with a nostalgia.

Grand Theft Auto returns to its top-down roots next week

With April 25th’s “Tiny Racers” the camera relapses to a top-down point of view like previous GTA games. Additionally, Tiny Racers is undeniable loyalty to the Micro Machines series of stunt minded arcade races from 8-and-16 bit era.

There is a trailer of the game below, and in the trailer, you may have noticed that highways have a toy-like feel because of colored boundaries and weapon power-ups.

There has been a lot of mayhem introduced in the GTA Online if you want to grab checkered flags.

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You must have to consider the fact that GTA V has consistently been in top 10 games sold every month since its initial release

The main reason behind the consistent selling of GTA V is that Rockstar is working and keeping GTA Online fresh.