GTA 6 release date speculation: what the experts are saying

by Ijlala Maqbool
GTA 6 Release Date

The upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) game was revealed to be in development earlier this year by Rockstar Games, confirming several leaks and rumors surrounding the eagerly anticipated release.

The lack of information about GTA 6 meant gamers anticipate the series’ next installment since 2013’s GTA V would have to wait indefinitely before learning anything about the new game.

That changed earlier this month when GTA 6 leaks of its assets circulated like wildfire online. Several in-game clips and pieces of code were leaked, providing extensive information about the game, including details about the map, gameplay mechanics, and NPC (Non-player character) systems.

GTA 6 Confirmation Date

The initial GTA 6 announcement was made in February 2022 as part of a larger GTA 5 and GTA Online Community Update when Rockstar Games slipped out the information that GTA 6 is “well underway.” Rockstar stated that Grand Theft Auto 6 is “actively being developed” and thanked everyone for their support, adding, “We cannot wait to stride into the future with you!”

GTA 6 Release date

Even though there is no official release date for Grand Theft Auto 6, Take-Two Interactive, which owns Rockstar Games, says that the game will likely come out between April 2023 and March 2024.

In a filing with the SEC for the year 2020, Take-Two Interactive said they planned to spend more than $89 million. Since this is the case, please be careful about relying on any information right now since nothing can be said for sure.

Also, Rockstar hasn’t made an official gameplay trailer for the game, which could mean that it’s still in the early stages of development. If this is true, it could take between one and two years for Rockstar to finish the game.

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GTA 6 release date speculation: what the experts are saying

Are the new GTA 6 leaks real?

On September 18, 2022, a historic GTA 6 leak resulted in the online distribution of dozens of pictures and videos are purportedly taken from an early game build. Are you unsure if the GTA 6 leaks are accurate? Rockstar, however, later released a statement confirming the hack: We recently experienced a network intrusion where an unauthorized third party unlawfully gained access to and downloaded sensitive material from our computers, including early development footage for the following Grand Theft Auto.

The Rockstar statement continues, “We are incredibly disappointed to have any information about our upcoming game shared with you all in this manner. When the next game is ready, we’ll properly introduce you to it and give everyone another update.

GTA 6 Location

Although there has been much speculation about the GTA 6 setting, it appears that Vice City will again be our destination. Rockstar has confirmed that the GTA 6 gameplay footage is authentic, so now we know more about the setting and the city. Some spectators may have recognized locations from GTA 3: Vice City, such as the Malibu Club, Ocean View Hotel, Little Haiti, and Vice Beach, on one screen, which depicts an underground rail system with the words “Vice City Metro” printed on the side.

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GTA 6 Map

Although the final GTA 6 map has not yet been revealed, some clues from the leaked video and displays point to a play area that extends outside of Vice City. Some leaked screenshots reveal brand-new regions in Vice City, like Rockstar, expanded upon Los Santos between Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and GTA 5. Vice City, as you may know, is partially based in Miami, and there are already rumors that GTA 6 will move even further south toward the Everglades and the Florida Keys (a string of tropical islands).

GTA 6 release date speculation: what the experts are saying

GTA 6 could be the last GTA game 

Tom Henderson’s speculation is more informed than it is specific. However, we felt it was only proper to mention his most current idea, which was just published on Dualshockers, that GTA 6 might be the final GTA game. We’ve included several of his predictions and leaks in this guide.

He recognizes that it would be unfortunate for such a large franchise to end but argues that with the success of GTA Online and its constantly changing landscape, Rockstar Games may never feel the need to release another GTA game.

With regular updates that not only give fans new material but also maintain the world fresh and exciting by development, Rockstar appears to be producing GTA 6, the most epic future-proof video game in history, according to the author.

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