Script-Kiddies Are Making A Lot of Money From Stolen Fortnite Accounts

by Adeel Younas
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Fortnite, most popular Battle Royale Game developed by well known develop Epic Games is facing the severe issue of stolen accounts. The “Fortnite Cracking” issue for users and problem for the company is growing day by day. A lot of users are reporting that they can’t log in into their accounts on Fortnite with the same information they use earlier.

Script-Kiddies are Making A lot of Money from Hacked Fortnite Accounts

Teenage hackers are doing this stuff, they are hacking into accounts and making thousands of pounds by selling them. In an interview, a Slovenian teenager said, he had made $20,000 by selling stolen Fortnite accounts in just a few months.

Credential Stuffing technique is being used to obtain information from already hacked servers. The information about hacked online services is available on the internet for everyone. Next step, is to using hit and trial method, that is used to obtain credentials to log in to Fortnite website. If they are lucky enough, they manage to log in and took over the account and change the password and other account credentials. Mostly, users have V-bucks (virtual currency bought with original money by that user) in their account.

V-Bucks is a currency that is used in Fortnite for purchasing in-game material that includes weapons, character models, skins backpacks, emotes and others. Few of these accessories are too expensive and if they took over such account they can make quite a sum.

How to Protect Your Fortnite Account?

Here comes the most crucial question, how to protect your account in such situations. You should enable two-factor authentication in your account. When 2FA is ON you’ll receive a code on your email. You’ll have to use that code to login into your account. That way hackers may have your username and password but they will still not be able to login to your account. By enabling Two Factor on your account you can get Fortnite gifts like Backpacks, Troll Stash and Free Emotes.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to not use the same password on all your accounts on the internet. You can make a different password for every app and web while having the main password same. For example, if you want to set your password; “MeryMass” for Google Account Set it as “MeryMassGAccount”. That way you’ll be able to set a unique password for every account of yours without forgetting it. Or Use complex passwords that are difficult to guess and refrain from using the same password on different websites.

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