How to Have Discord and Game Sound Separately

by Wajeeha Qureshi

If you are wishing of playing games and doing audio calls simultaneously on the same desktop, but after strenuous reading of articles, you find yourself in the middle of nothing. Don’t worry I’ve got your back in this article you’ll learn How to Have Discord and Game Sound Separately on your desktop, mac and mobile.

How to have Discord and Game Sound Separately

If you are freaking out by the complicated patching of audio devices and thinking of breaking down your monitor for torturing you through the complex guides!. Calm down and spare your monitor as you are going to need it for reviewing this article on how to have Discord and game sound at the same time on your device.

Step 1: Choose Software to Install

1. VoiceMeeter Potato

Download .exe file for installation.

You can also go for the easier versions like

  • VoiceMeeter Banana
  •  VoiceMeeter

But I would prefer the potato version for its versatility in terms of functionality.

How to Have Discord and Game Sound Separately

2. VB-Audio cable

Download .zip file for installation.

Never forget executing the damn reboot two times, one after each installation. Otherwise, you will indulge yourself in a mess you won’t be able to handle!!!

Step 2: Tweaking Sound Control Panel

Head over to Settings >System> Sound> Sound Control Panel

  1. In the Playback tab, the default Speaker/Headphones should be selected (mine is Realtek Audio).
  • Make VoiceMeeter your default Audio device within the Playback tab.

It will ensure that everything goes through VoiceMeter before approaching Output devices. This is crucial for the whole magic of playing desktop audio in Discord.

How to Have Discord and Game Sound Separately

  • Maximize the level of the speaker to 100 from advanced properties.

It will prevent the sounds from fading out.

2. In the Recording tab, the default microphone should be checked.

How to Have Discord and Game Sound Separately

3. In the Communications tab, Do Nothing should be checked.

How to Have Discord and Game Sound Separately

It will halt windows from softening the sound during a call.

4. Select the same frame rate and bit depth (mine is 24 bit, 48000 Hz) from advanced properties for all the following devices

  • From the Playback tab

Speakers, Headphones, CABLE Input, VoiceMeeter Input.

  • From the Recordings tab

Microphone, CABLE Input, VoiceMeeter Output

  • Remember altering CABLE Input and Microphone from Recordings tab to Stereo Quality in case you counter any issue.

Step 3: Tweaking VoiceMeeter Potato

Hardware Output Panel

On the top right side, lies the Hardware Output Panel.

Set the Speakers to A1 (Main Output device) and Headphones (or any other output devices) to A2, A3, A4, or A5.

  • The drop list will show devices in three sections: WDM, KSE, and MME. Check all three one by one to find the one that suits you. But remember selecting the same one for all lists.

Hardware Input Panel

On the left side, lies the Hardware Input Panel.

Set Input 1 to Microphone, rename accordingly and route it to B2.

Set Input 2 to VB-Audio cable, rename, and route it to A1.

How to Have Discord and Game Sound Separately

VoiceMeeter Panel

In the middle lies VoiceMeeter Panel.

VoiceMeeter VAIO (B1) on the left side is set to A1. It collects all audio from the window and its software ( Youtube, Spotify, VLC, etc.)

VoiceMeeter AUX in the middle is called B2. It gives out input 1 to ongoing calls (Discord).

Discord And Game Sound

Step 4: Menu settings in VoiceMeeter

  1. Navigate to Menu on the top right section, check the following
  • Auto Restart Audio Engine
  • System Tray (run at startup)
  • Hook Volume keys (For level Output A1). It will make volume keys alter VoiceMeeter levels, not Windows.

These will surely save you from the trouble of tweaking Potato each time.

How to Have Discord and Game Sound Separately

  1. Also, head over to System Settings in the Droplist to make sure that frame rate synchronizes with the system sound settings.

Step 5: Discord Tweaking for Discord And Game Sound

Move to User Settings > App settings > Voice and Video and make the following changes to have Discord and game sound.

  1. INPUT DEVICE: VoiceMeeter AUX
  3. Disable Automatic Input Sensitivity.

Change it manually as you like, but I would suggest a -50. 

How to Have Discord and Game Sound Separately

You are all geared up!!! Why are you still gazing at the conclusion? Rush to your game and drift through the crazy journey of gaming. Let me know if you’re facing any issue during the process of having discord and game sound at a time on your desktop, mac or mobile in the comments section.

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