Here’s A Fully Functional “Nintendo Wii XL” by a Console Modder

by Sarah Forst
Console Modder 'Wii XL'

There is a niche community that pays tribute to the past while using their creative abilities to reimagine it. We’ve all seen modifications of old consoles or innovative applications for obsolete tech gadgets. The latest in this trend? A fully functional “Wii XL”, a revamped and super-sized version of the much-loved Nintendo Wii. 

Jon Bringus of Bringus Studios has added to the gaming console modding scene. Taking inspiration from the grandeur associated with large screens. Bringus decided to apply the “bigger is better” principle to the classic Nintendo Wii console.  The result is a console that’s apparently “12 times larger by volume” than the original model, hence the moniker “Wii XL”.

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Nintendo Wii XL: Beyond Size Enhancement 

In contrast to the 3DS XL, the Wii XL offers more than just a scaled-up experience. This unique modification is fully operational, showcasing an impressive ability to retain all the functions of the original model. This includes the capacity to play both Wii and GameCube titles.

Bringus shared a more detailed insight into his creation. 

“It’s approximately a 2:3 to 1 scale model of the Wii and 12 times larger by volume. Every button of the Wii is accessible from the front panel. Power and reset are their own buttons that go right to the actual buttons on the Wii. By flipping down the SD card door, you can have access to the SD card as well as the eject button.”

Interestingly, the scaled-up console was not created without acknowledging the slight hiccups along the way. For instance, the access to the sync button was an afterthought and can be a bit tricky to reach. 

This isn’t just a larger version of the Wii console; it’s also enhanced to suit modern-day requirements. It has an HDMI support feature which helps to scale the Wii all the way up to 1080p for use on modern displays. However, the modernized Wii XL doesn’t cater to CRT compatibility. 

Moreover, a wireless battery-powered sensor bar replaces the traditional sensor bar port, keeping the design minimalistic and straightforward.

While most of us focuses on developing the smallest, slimmest, and most efficient gadgets, there’s a nostalgic joy to be found in Bringus’ approach, where bigger is definitely seen as better.

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