Here’s What President Obama Has To Say About Science & Technology

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In his recent guest article in the WIRED magazine, US President Barack Obama expressed his deep love for science and technology. He’s the only US president who hosts science fair, Astronomy Nights, Hackathons at the White House, for the first time. These events were started in 2010, since then, the president invites dozens of young students from across the country to take part in these events so that they can show their science projects and achievements. The White House also organizes series of online chats to highlight and discuss important scientific issues.

How he established his interest in Science?

As a kid, like many others, Mr. Obama used to be a huge fan of television series: Star Trek.

“I’m a guy who grew up watching Star Trek—and I’d be lying if I said that show didn’t have at least some small influence on my worldview. What I loved about it was its optimism, the fundamental belief at its core that the people on this planet, for all our varied backgrounds and outward differ­ences, could come together to build a better tomorrow.” Obama writes.

“This is the best time to be alive.” –Barack Obama

Obama thinks this is the best time in the course of human history to be alive, today, we are far better equipped and ready to face the challenges. He thinks, this is time when all people are equally treated, regardless of their color, cast or religion. We are more civilized than we were ever before, but of course there are many challenges to overcome: climate change, nuclear weapons, terrorism, Cybersecurity, poverty and diseases, according to the president. But he is hopeful for future; “That’s one reason why I’m so optimistic about the future: the constant churn of scientific progress.” He said.

What he thinks about Mars?

He is optimistic about humanity’s future, for that he support human mission to colonize Mars within next two or three decades. In an interview he expressed his love for a recent movie on Mars: The Martian. “I love this stuff”. he says.

what we’ve achieved since 1950

“ Let’s start with the big picture. By almost every measure, this country is better, and the world is better, than it was 50 years ago, 30 years ago, or even eight years ago. Leave aside the sepia tones of the 1950s, a time when women, minorities, and ­people with disabilities were shut out of huge parts of American life. Just since 1983, when I finished college, things like crime rates, teen pregnancy rates, and poverty rates are all down. Life expectancy is up.” Obama writes.

Barack Obama's article in WIRED as a guest-editor.
Barack Obama’s article in WIRED as a guest-editor.



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