Here’s What You Need to Know About Apple News+

apple news+ subscription

Yesterday, during Apple’s “show time”, it has stated that it is going to start its new Apple News+.

For now, this service is available for macOS, iPhone, and iPad computers. It allows users to access more than 300 digital magazines comprising Rolling Stone, GQ, People, GQ, Vogue, Illustrated, Wired, TIME and People.

It also allows users to access a lot of leading newspaper including The Wall Street Journal and LA Times as well as online newspapers/magazines like Vox, The Cut, Vulture and the Skimm.

apple news+

What you need is to pay $9.99 a month but for the first month, it will be free. If you subscribe, Apple will let you share your subscription with your Family limiting to six people only.

You will be allowed to go through old or current magazines and newspapers as well as you can also download them to read later. Moreover, you can also save a particular article for reading it in free time.

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you need to download iOS 12.2 to avail this subscription. But if you are using a macOS laptop or desktop, then you need to update your current macOS version to the new updated 10.14.4.