High Salaries in the Metaverse: Gimmicky Companies Resort to Them to Gain Popularity

by Adeel Younas

Nowadays, Metaverse has become a hot spot for professionals in the industry. The monthly salary of a developer can reach up to 7000 USD.

At the moment, the golden clock of recruitment at the end of the spring season sees the recruitment for “Metaverse” become increasingly popular, and business insiders are advising that a lot of “Metaverse” job openings are vague by nature, and some businesses use high salaries as a marketing scheme to attract applicants.

Although the development of “Metaverse” is still in early development and need is not yet enormous. In trying to find a new profession, people should identify future opportunities and take decisive steps.

“Metaverse most powerful network for the next 10 years” and 2021 is called “the first year of the metaverse.” Many companies are increasingly using “Metaverse” to recruit their employees. It’s a pivotal period for recruiting and a key period for the metaverse.

From infrastructure fields such as VR/AR, blockchain, and the Internet of Things to 3D modeling, technical art, virtual design, and other content ecosystems, companies have produced a large number of sub-posts in anticipation of providing tasks to talents focusing on “meta-skills”. Persuading, the base salary are likely to reach up to 157K USD.

Enterprises Offer High Salaries to Lure Top Talent

Industry insiders pointed out that there are assorted “metaverse” jobs and that several companies use high wages as a marketing ploy to attract new employees. The future of “Metaverse” is still in its infancy, and further experimentation with staff is necessary. When trying to find a job, you have to make shrewd decisions and anticipate the next steps.

After the Spring Festival holiday, art designer Zhang Feng was surprised when he opened his mailbox. “In more than ten days, the headhunter recommended 6 job opportunities to me, all from the newly established ‘Metaverse’ game team.” He was a little flattered. In fact, despite much attention and anticipation, there is no accepted definition of the “metaverse” so far.

Pan Helin, co-director and researcher of the Digital Economy and Financial Innovation Research Center at Zhejiang University’s International Business School, views the “metaverse” as an alternate reality of the real world, and the two are closely related in the systems of economics, society, and identity. Affinities, people own virtual avatars in the metaverse.

According to Pan Helin’s assessment, the metaverse itself is not a brand-new technology, but the extension, interaction, and integration of technologies such as digital twins, blockchain, and artificial intelligence are breakthroughs in related areas that have already helped advance the metaverse.

Shen Xiaofei, a senior manager of the Internet headhunting department at a well-known firm, believes there is a strong correlation between the video game industry and social networking sites. Executives at companies in most industries report having the keenest talent needs in the current time, largely because most talented people now work for firms in these fields.

It’s not surprising that many of these job advertisements are from ith-company, movie, and social video companies, as well as e-commerce, education, and television and film companies that are closely interconnected with the “metaverse.”

A listed company released a recruitment advertisement for three openings: “Metaverse Partner”, “Metaverse Talent (Returnee)”, and “Metaverse Talent (Fresh Graduate)”, with the average annual compensation reaching up to 157K USD. Applicants must be required to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and possess proficiency in computer skills.

According to a Bloomberg industry research report, the metaverse-related economy is expected to reach a market size of 800 billion US dollars in 2024.

The report defines the metaverse as “a digital space in which people can interact with each other and create things.” It cites the growth of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies as driving factors behind this projection.

The metaverse has already begun to take shape in the form of social media networks like Facebook and Snapchat. In addition, there has been a surge in VR and AR start-ups in recent years. These companies are working on developing new platforms and applications that will make the metaverse more immersive and interactive.

When selecting a job, in addition to considering salary, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the job profile is clear, whether the company has good communication practices, and whether there is room for growth.

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