Horizon Forbidden West: Nvidia Elevates PC Gaming Experience with DLSS 3

by Ijlala Maqbool
Horizon Forbidden West on PC

Horizon Forbidden West” my personal favourite game from PlayStation making its way to PC. The game has already been a big hit on PlayStation. Nvidia is adding special features to make the game look and run better on computers.

What’s New with the PC Version?

Nvidia has added something called DLSS 3 to the game for PCs. This feature helps the game run smoothly and look great, especially on Nvidia’s newest graphics cards. It’s like a boost that makes the game’s action and scenery flow better without requiring a super-powerful computer.

At CES 2024, Nvidia unveiled a new trailer for “Horizon Forbidden West,” which confirmed that the game includes Nvidia Reflex and DLAA technologies alongside DLSS 3.

Nvidia has announced that the technology will also be available in upcoming releases, such as Tekken 8. Additionally, the company has confirmed DLSS 3 support for Diablo 4.

Who’s Making it Happen?

The studio that’s bringing the game from PlayStation to PC is Nixxes Software. They are known for doing a good job of making PlayStation games work well and look great on PCs. Although the game won’t get some of the fanciest visual improvements like ray tracing, Nixxes Software is still putting in a bunch of cool Nvidia features.

What Can Gamers Expect?

Gamers who want to play “Horizon Forbidden West” on their PC can look forward to early 2024 for its release. If it’s anything like its predecessor, which sold really well, this PC version has a lot of potential to be a favorite among gamers.

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