How I Have Fixed Xbox One Won’t Update Problem

by Wajeeha Qureshi
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Your Xbox One Wont Update fix

Xbox One abandoning all the traditions from the previous two gens finally focuses on something it never had: games. With the launch of an ever-progressing subscription service, named Xbox Ultimate Game Pass, Xbox One finally surpasses PS4 in providing its users with a huge set of exclusives at the cost of a few bucks.

Hold on, you can’t ignore the robust specs hidden behind its hood!!! The sight of an eight-core ×86 processor coupled with an 853 MHz GPU justifies its eye-watering price tag.

Update errors are one of the most commonly encountered errors and pose the greatest vulnerability in any system that’s operated by an OS, and consoles are not immune to them. No wonder, this error has plagued Microsoft console more than any other console out there. If you have also been infected with an update bug, its time you go through these potential loopholes and escape the sight of these gruesome alerts:

  • Error code 0x8027025A
  • Error codes like Xxxxx
  • The system won’t update
  • Something went wrong

All Potential Workarounds

Restarting Xbox One

After downloading the whole package of updates, Xbox One might be needing a little push from your side for parsing the packages and installing the update onto the system.

  • Hit and hold the Xbox button to reveal a menu, and opt for Restart Console

Power-cycling console

Stuck in the middle of a damn screen shouting “Something went wrong”, just power-cycle your Xbox.

Your Xbox One Won't Update

  • From the message screen, opt for Restart This Console. Wait for the update to finish after the restart. If the update remains stuck, unplug the console and restart after an interval of 30 seconds to check if the update finishes.
  • If no message screen appears, hold the Xbox button for 10 seconds for shutting your console down.

Just a simple reset

A soft reset, being less drastic than a full factory reset is more efficient in eradicating update errors than restarting

The network’s being a bad boy

A network error might be halting the update.

  • Check for troubleshooting options.

Note: Error 8B050033 indicates that

  • either update isn’t available
  • or Xbox servers are currently down

Offline Update Attempt

In case, network error leads to a download of corrupted update packages, neither restarting nor resetting will work. It’s time for a manual update.

  1. Download the compressed file.
  1. Extract and copy the SSystemUpdate file to a flash drive (NTFS format required)
  2. Unplug your Xbox
  3. Plug the flash drive into your Xbox One.
  4. After an interval of 40 seconds, press the bind button (for synching a wireless controller), and the eject button (for ejecting disc) on your Xbox One.

Your Hard Drive is Full !!!

If your storage drive is far too crowded, Xbox will certainly fail to download update files onto your drive and mess your console.

  • Free up some storage by deleting games
  • Or you can also move some games into an external USB flash drive, as Xbox supports external storage media

xbox one hard drive full

Factory Data Reset

Its drastic attempt of erasing all locally saved game and game saves, a factory data reset is one of those last things an exhausted Xbox user might think of.

reset xbox one to fix

Contact Support

If you’re still clouded by misfortune after all this misery, you might have a physical hardware failure, one that you can’t fix yourself

contact xbox support

Tadaaa!!! A seamless update is at your disposal!!

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