How mobile apps are empowering women in Pakistan

by Adeel Younas
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The lives of Pakistani women have dramatically changed during the past 30 years. More women have entered the workforce and they are more empowered and emancipated than ever before. But lately, that process has been changed by another factor – the fast growing access to mobile internet.

“At Sparklist, we want to give everyone the opportunity to create extra income and benefit from what they already have or can create. We see a growing number of women selling in our platform, taking advantage of the free of charges space to offer DIY and handmade products”, explains Nalla Karunanithy, founder of Sparklist, peer-to-peer classifieds mobile app that safely connects buyers and sellers in the same area.

“It gives a lot of women who are not working full time or are operating small businesses from their homes a good platform; it allows them to reach their consumers without having to spend tons of money on print and media advertising.” comments Aleena Ahmad, Business Unit Leader at Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan.

Women that already work, also find on the platform a way of increasing the family income.

“Selling our kids clothes on Sparklist seems to be very useful as kids closets are always stuffed with clothes and shoes. The kids grow very fast till the age of 10, and clothes usually don’t fit them anymore, but you don’t feel like throwing them away as they are almost new”, tells Mahvish Omer, Marketing at The Pakistan Cricket Board and mother of a 5 year old boy.

Internet and technology have had a tremendous impact on people’s lives and can create new ways to increase income for the family. In this scenario, Sparklist gives customers a secure environment to buy and sell without compromising privacy and still being open to the endless possibilities of the online world.

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sagar kumar January 15, 2016 - 1:36 pm

Women of Substance: Meet First Blind CSS
Officer Saima Saleem

Saima Saleem is an
extraordinary woman with a story that is not going to only make you feel the
proudest Pakistani but a story that will inspire you to become an example for
all. In today’s haywire times along with the lack of justice and the lack of
women rights in the country, Saima stands tall and stands as a beacon of hope
for women in Pakistan.

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