Here’s How OnePlus 6T’s In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Works

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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OnePlus has recently confirmed OnePlus 6T will be having an under-display fingerprint sensor, there will be no rear fingerprint sensor. OnePlus’s co-founder Pete Lau explains how does the under-display fingerprint scanner work in OnePlus 6 in a forum post.

OnePlus 6T has an in-display fingerprint sensor and here’s how it works

First of all, OnePlus 6T’s in-display fingerprint sensor is named as Screen Unlock (company continues the tradition of fancy names). It has Qualcomm SoC 845 integrated that works faster and process the algorithms at max speed.

Fingerprint sensor (optical) is attached on the back of the screen with a small lens that registers fingerprint pattern when pressed down. The screen is used for lighting purposes and help to improve the resolution of pattern and also verify exact dimensions and outline of the fingerprint.

Here's How OnePlus 6T’s In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Works

The company also revealed that it has been working on Screen Unlock feature for quite some time and wanted to implement it on the OnePlus 5T, but the technology was not up to the mark then. For this generation, the company decided to drop the headphone jack, creating more room to fit the under-display fingerprint sensor, as revealed by Pete Lau to CNET. 

On the software side, OnePlus uses the standard Qualcomm Snapdragon 845’s system-wide security feature called ‘Trust Zone’ for storing the fingerprint data. OnePlus claims that the Trust Zone acts as an ‘isolated virtual space for the sake of confidentiality’.

Here's How OnePlus 6T’s In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Works

Whenever the optical module captures a fingerprint, it is cross-matched with fingerprint data stored in OnePlus 6T’s trust zone. OnePlus said that they have added algorithms in Screen Unlock to improve detection and accuracy and speed of users.

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