How to Change Discord Status on Windows and Mac

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Whenever you have tasks that need more attention, you can simply put up a status on Discord, telling your buddies about what you are up to. Let’s find out how to set and change status on Discord.

You are munching on some delicious crispy chicken your mom cooked for dinner, and your friends are insisting on playing the last round. You have no desire to talk to them in the middle of your dinner. So, how are you going to tell them about being busy without messaging them? Discord has a solution for that -the Discord status.

4 different status options let you choose how you appear to your Discord buddies. Besides these 4 options to choose from, we also have the custom Discord status, which lets you write whatever you are up to.

First Learn How to Set Discord Status

Follow the steps below to set and change Discord status:

  1. Look at the bottom-left side of the screen and left-click on your avatar (profile icon).

discord user avatar

  1. A status-picker menu will appear with 4 preset statuses.

change discord status

Types of Status and Their Meaning


It indicates that you are available and ready to play. With the online status, you will appear online to all members. A green dot appears near your avatar.


Your status switches to the auto-idle mode if you don’t use the keyboard for a certain time. But you can manually set this mode too. The idle option shows people that you are AFK (away-from-keyboard) or unavailable. An orange dot starts appearing with your avatar.

Do Not Disturb:

With the DnD mode, all the notifications you normally receive are muted, and a red dot appears beside your avatar.


If you set this status, you will appear offline to everyone, but you will be able to use Discord and chat with friends as usual.

Choose the option you want to set as your status. You can change your Discord status whenever you like.

Your status is account-wide so that it will be visible to everyone on all of your Discord servers. When you change your status, the updated one is visible on all servers. If you’d like to have fun with discord friends we do have a list of Best Discord Funny Text to Speech Songs you’ll enjoy it for sure.

How to Change Discord Status Windows/Mac

You can also set a custom status by typing anything you like. It will be visible under your username in the Discord channel lists.

discord set custom status

  1. You can write anything and add any Discord emoji by clicking on the emoji icon or creating yourself.
  2. When done, hit the save button.
  3. From the “Clear After” menu, you can choose how long your status will be shown.

change status discord

Now you know how to change discord status and set a custom one on windows and Mac. If you have any queries, please let us know in the comments section below.

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