How to Change Game Status In Discord Messenger

by Sarah Forst
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When talking about Gaming, Discord is a prominent VoIP application that brings together virtual gamers, players, and followers. Gaming by using Discord as the leading communication platform during their live stream and when to play games with friends, it can record all discord audio on a computer or voice chat from the Microphone as Discord is VoIP application. Hence, its main focus is gaming and has a delicate trick up its sleeve that allows you to change the game status. Game Status means which game you are playing currently, and gaming communities want to stay informed about the activities of all the members of that group.

Guide To Change Your Game Status In Discord

Game status is the thing that tells you about Discord is running in the background, and you launch a game to play it; you will see that your Discord will tell others on your list as well as you that you are playing a particular game. It will show online status, which indicates whether you are online, busy, away, or offline.

If you are looking to change the game status in Discord, I will guide you on how to change your game status on the Discord App.

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How To Change Game Status In Discord

Being a part of eSports, Discord has a complete list of verified games. Every time you run a game and Discord will know by its task manager that which game you are playing, the status will change automatically.

If you just came online and urging to play a game like PUBG or any other game of your choice with your friends at that moment, Discord will detect it and will change your game status from offline or away to online.

Suppose some of your friends who play games with you and come online can join you in the game. If you live to stream your game, then your dedicated followers can watch that on Twitch. I think that is an excellent way to connect with the gaming community.

Unverified Games on Discord

How to Change Game Status In Discord Messenger Image Name

Globally, there are thousands of present games, and all games are “not verified” by Discord.

So, is there any way to add unverified games to Discord as they appear?  Yes!  There is a process, and it works so well. Adding unverified games to Discord is not that tricky if you do it properly.

Below are the steps you need to go through; let’s have a look and follow them.

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Step 1: Launch your game (unverified game by Discord).

Step 2: Go to the User Settings.

Step 3: From the menu on the left side > select the game >Add to the right side.

Step 4: the game will be added manually, so type their name in the activity box, and you will see a line Not Seeing Your Game.? Add it.

Every time you run the specific game that you have just added, the Discord will show the message along with the game.

How to Change Game Status In Discord Messenger Image Name

Changing Playing Status on Discord on Mobile App

let’s’s talk about how you can change your Discord playing status on Discord mobile app.

Well, while using smartphones, there are two ways to change the game status.

Both you can change it and set your “”Custom Status,”” and the second way is to go to user settings then game activity.

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Step1: Go to the navigation bar > bottom of the screen > Click on your name

Step 2: Go to the “”Set Custom Status””

Step 3: You can now change your playing status on Discord to anything you want.

Step 4: You can set a timer that will limit your status after reaching to limit your status get removed automatically.

How to Change Game Status In Discord Messenger Image Name

For now, that’s’s all about changing game status in Discord. Do follow this article and stay connected to your gaming world. If you face any trouble during the process comment below and I will be helping you to get it done.

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