How To Delete Discord Account? Permanently

by Wajeeha Qureshi
How To Delete Discord Account?

Decided to cut ties with your Discord account Permanently? Well, it’s not a problem. Scroll on to see how to delete the Discord account.

Deleting your account on Discord is a permanent but straightforward process. It is pretty much the same as deactivating your account with a different result. Moreover, it only takes a minute to delete the Discord account.

If you are not sure about deleting all your data, you can deactivate or disable your account instead, which allows you to reopen your account whenever you want.

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You won’t receive any notifications on your account, but other users can see you and send you friend requests. You can then re-activate your account by merely signing in again.

How to Permanently Delete Discord account

If you wish to get rid of your Discord account permanently, you need to follow a few steps using browser versions of the app for both Mac and PC:

  1. Hit the “Discord icon” on your Mac or PC.

How To Delete Discord Account

2. Click the “User Settings”.

3. Go to the “My Account” icon that appears inside your settings.

4. Choose to “Edit” your account to proceed to the final step of the deletion process.

5. Scroll down to the “Delete Account” option and click the button.

Delete Discord Account

6. You will be asked your account information including password as well as your six-digit 2 Factor Authentication code and once you confirm it, your account deletion process is complete.

Note: If you didn’t set up a 2 Factor Authentication code, you won’t be asked to enter it.

You won’t be able to recover this account or access it. The Discord will soon delete your account permanently in a duration of 14 to 30 days. And your deleted account username will appear as “Deleted User”.

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All of your past conversations will still be visible to your friends. To get rid of all traces of your account, you need to contact Discord Support.

If you’re a server owner, delete or transfer servers.

Users who set up a particular group or server on Discord can either reassign their administrative rights (transfer ownership) to another owner or delete the server completely.

If they remained inactive for a long time, deleting the account is a much-favored step. Such users need to do a few things before deleting their accounts.

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Deleting your account erases all the data permanently, and you will never be able to recover it. So if you are not sure about deleting all our data, you have the option to disable your Discord account.

Disabling the account means you can retrieve your account and data in the future whenever you wish. After deleting your account, a duration of 2 weeks is available for recovering your account. After which, you can never recover your data.

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