How to Delete Steam Account Permanently

how to delete steam account

As a gaming geek, you must have used steam once in your life. It’s of the best platform for gaming. It has almost every game in it including PUBG PC, Dota 2, etc. You can enjoy free and paid games as well and even buy add-ons to enhance the gaming experience. Now, if you have played a lot of games and you have lost interest in games, you might want to know how you can delete steam account. This will free a lot of storage from your PC that can be used for some other purposes. Hence you might consider a couple of options before you take a decision.

How to Delete Steam Games

If you run out of storage, you might consider this as your best option. As account deletion is permanent, but you will no longer have access to your purchased games. So you should delete only those games that you have finished, or you don’t play anymore. The shortest procedure to remove steam game is as follows:

  1. Open the steam application on your personal computer.
  2. Now look for the ‘Library’ tab in the top menu and click on that.
  3. You will see all your games collection. Now right click the game that you want to delete and select ’Uninstall.’
  4. Click ‘Delete’ when asked to delete the game files.

You can repeat the procedure for all other games as well. Keep in mind that you can again download these games without paying for them.

How to Delete Steam Application

If you think you might want to use steam again in the future and want to get rid of it for a short time, you might consider this option. With this option steam application along withal, your steam games will be deleted from your computer. This will leave a lot of free space on your computer. Now there is a different procedure to remove steam for windows and Mac users.

For Windows Users:

  1. Exit steam application.
  2. Go to Start Button and find or click on ‘Control Panel.’
  3. Now look for the ‘Add or Remove Program’ option and click on that.
  4. This will enlist all the programs installed on your computer. Now look for steam and click ‘Change or Remove.’
  5. Select ‘Automatic’ to perform uninstallation automatically.

For Mac Users

Uninstalling steam from Mac is a little complicated. Follow the procedure step by step, and it will be easy.

  1. Exit Steam Application.
  2. From Mac, bottom menu bars click on ‘Finder’ application.
  3. Choose the ‘Application’ folder from the right side of the screen. This will display all applications on Mac.
  4. Right click on ‘’ and choose ‘Move to Trash.’
  5. Clear the trash.

Or you can try this:

  1. From the top right corner of Mac, select ‘Magnifying Glass.’
  2. Now type ‘Library’ and select Library items that show up under folders.
  3. Choose ‘Application support’ and look for ‘Steam’ Folder.
  4. Now select ‘Move to Trash’ and Empty the trash to complete the process.

How to Delete Steam Account Permanently?

Now if you have decided of deleting a steam account permanently, no one can stop you. There are multiple procedures for deleting an account permanently.

Option 1:

You should refrain yourself from logging in to your steam account. Steam support will automatically delete the inactive accounts. But it could take a year to delete your account.

Option 2:

The fast and easy method for deleting a steam account is that you should contact steam support. Steam support will acquire some information to verify your ownership. After that, your account will be restricted for any purchases and community features for 30 days. After completing 30 days, the account will be deleted from the steam community.

Here keep in mind one thing that you can cancel account deletion within the 30 days because after account deletion all your purchases will be lost along with your steam wallet credit. You can get a refund if you contact steam support for that. But still, Permanent Account deletion is not the best choice.

That’s all for now about deleting steam account, if you want to add value to the content do comment below and share it with your friends.