How to turn off Touch Screen on Chromebook: a step-by-step Guide

by Ijlala Maqbool
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How to turn off Touch Screen on Chromebook

Take control of your Chromebook experience by learning how to disable the touchscreen. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the simple steps to personalize your device and avoid any unintended taps. Let’s dive in and make your Chromebook work exactly the way you want!

Why disable the Touch Screen?

A touchscreen on a laptop is fantastic. You can use the screen without using the touchpad while still typing on the keyboard. However, there will be instances when you want to point at the screen, and nothing will happen. This is why Google has made it possible to turn it on and off.

Why disable the TouchPad?

Let’s say you choose to utilize the touchscreen instead of the touchpad. Perhaps you’ve connected your standard mouse to your Chromebook. Occasionally, you’ll accidentally touch the touchpad while typing, causing the pointer to move annoyingly. You might accidentally click and commit an activity you didn’t intend to undertake.

How to disable Touch Screen on Chromebook

How to turn off Touch Screen on Chromebook: a step-by-step Guide

Chromebooks aren’t the same as traditional computers. They have fewer functionalities than Windows and Macbook systems. The majority of changes are made in the laptop’s Chrome browser. This may sound a little obnoxious, but it adds to the overall simplicity of the situation. Open the Chrome browser on your Chromebook to disable the TouchScreen or TouchPad. Then, in the address bar,

write “chrome:/flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts”

Locate Debugging keyboard shortcuts on the following screen. It’ll almost certainly be highlighted in Yellow color.

How to turn off Touch Screen on Chromebook: a step-by-step Guide

To make this option active, select Enable. Restart the device and disable or enable the Touch Screen by pressing Search + Shift + T. To turn off the TouchPad, hold down Search + Shift + P.

Extra Tips:

Although it may not look like so, the Chromebook touchpad has more features than a regular laptop touchpad. So, as you will disable the touchpad permanently, please look at these suggestions and try them out.

For clicking, tap or push the touchpad’s bottom side. Tap the touchpad with two fingers simultaneously to conduct a right-click motion. Press Alt and then click/tap with one finger as an alternative.

To scroll, place two fingers on the touchpad and slide them left/right or up/down to conduct a horizontal or vertical scroll, respectively.

Swipe down or up with three fingers to see all open windows.

However, your pointer over a tab and tap/click the touchpad with three fingers to close it. However, a web link and tap/click the touchpad with three fingers to open it in a new tab. To switch between multiple accounts, swipe left/right with three fingers.

Finally, click and hold an item with one finger to transfer it from point A to point B. The article should then be dragged to the desired spot.

Change the settings in the Touchpad/Touchpad and mouse section of Settings to change how the touchpad functions.

Disabling the touch screen on a Chromebook is a fairly simple process. By following the guide above, you should be able to do it in just a few minutes. Remember to always save your work before shutting down your device, just in case something goes wrong.

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