Two Methods to Fade Music and Audio in iMovie

how to fade music in imovie

Fade in and Fade out effects helps a lot during video edit whether it is video, music or audio transitions. These impressive effects make the video more exciting and kind of fall in love with type. Since iMovie is Apple’s basic, yet a powerful video editor for standard editing it allows editors to add fade audio/music during editing. This is a step by step guide on how to fade music in iMovie while editing a video.

Fading In and Out Music is essential depending on the scene of the video, and you can make a video more exciting and enjoyable to watch.

How to Fade Out Music and Audio in iMovie

There are two easy ways to fade music or audio in iMovie. First one is using audio Fade handles, and the second method is through audio inspector tool. You should have audio and video files on your timeline before proceeding further. So, first of all, import files into your iMovie project and then follow any of the below-mentioned methods to fade audio in iMovie.

Method 1: Using Fade Handles

Following steps will help you to fade music in iMovie, so follow them carefully.

Step 1: Enable Audio Waveform

Once the project is open and you are done importing audio and video files, make sure to check “Audio Waveform” checkbox at the bottom project window.

how to fade audio in iMovie

Step 2: Move Pointer to Apply Fade Effects

Now that waveform is enabled, move the pointer over it and drag the small fade handle on the left or right side (depends from which end you want to fade the audio). To fade music on both ends of a clip drag pointer from both ends in the opposite direction of the clip.

fade out music in imovie

Step 3: Consider Playing Again to Check

Now move Play head towards the beginning part of the clip where you added a fade effect to verify it. If everything works alright, click the Audio waveforms to hide it from the timeline.

fade music using imovie

Method 2: Using the Audio Inspector

It is the second method; if you find the above method a little confusing, this is one is more comfortable, and you’ll be done with just a few clicks.

Step 1: Open iMovie project and select a clip

Choose the clip you want to add music fade effect in iMovie and “double click” on it. Then choose “Clip Adjustment” and open video Inspector and later click on “Audio” tab for audio settings.

Note: In case you also have background music clip too in the project and want to add audio fade effect on that double click on it to open Inspector tool. Rest of the processor is similar.

Step 2: Set Fade in and Fade Out Effect

In the Audio tab of Inspector tool, you can manually choose to set fade in or fade out the length of audio by dragging the slider to left or right side.

imovie audio fade effects

If you do not click on “Manual”, you will be allowing iMovie to set it for you automatically. Usually, whenever you drag a video clip into your iMovie project, it sets fade in and out effect randomly. It increases and decreases the volume at the beginning of the clip and end of the clip, respectively. For better results, I’d recommend you to choose manual and set effect yourself.

Step 3: Save the fade effect

Once you are done with the settings, preview the result in the viewing window and play the clip to double check if music fade effect appropriately applied in your iMovie project. Once you are satisfied click on “Done” and save the result.

how to fade music in imovie

Now that you know how to fade out music in iMovie if you still face any issue do not forget to comment below, I might have a better solution for you.