How to Fix an Xbox 360 That Won’t Turn On

by Wajeeha Qureshi
Fix an Xbox 360 That Won't Turn On

Error is something every Microsoft service user is accustomed to. Whether you name it Windows or Xbox, the more you try to solve your issues, the more you get indulged in them. The unparalleled and versatile compatibility of Windows consumed its stability. No wonder the cause of instability is the huge number of new codes written and practised without sufficient cross-checking. The similar system in both of the systems actually brought all those errors into the Microsoft console.

Ways to Fix an Xbox 360 That Won’t Turn On

Before plunging into the ever-devastating procedure of troubleshooting, spot the major culprit (cause) in your case. For inspection of the culprit, establish an approach of ruling out causes from most to least likely. Without further due, let’s examine the probable culprit.

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Culprit, Controller, or the Console?

1. Controller’s hope not dead

If you have been trying to start your console via the Xbox button of your console with no luck, plug your controller into the console and give it another try.

  • Success for the second approach points out the solution in replacing the controller’s batteries, but failure proclaims the demise of your controller and suggests its immediate replacement.

2. The console’s being bad.

Approach the power button of the console and push it hard.

  • A triumphant attempt is the incompatibility certificate of the controller, but a failed attempt is the sign of a problem rooted within the console.

How to Fix an Xbox 360 That Won't Turn On

Console’s probable issues

Wrecked power outlet

Have you tried swapping to an alternate wall outlet? If not, dash for that.

  • If the console powers on, you just got rid of that faulty power outlet you used to plug in. for the outlet, check the fuse or circuit box, or you can also contact an electrician.

Power Cords seated/plugged incorrectly.

If the power outlet is working, make sure the cord’s been seated firmly in the console and securely plugged into the power outlet.

How to Fix an Xbox 360 That Won't Turn On

Bad Power Supply

Examine the LED on your power brick.

  • A solid white/orange light ensures proper working
  • A blinking or an unlit LED marks problem with your power supply


  • Unplug the power supply for letting it cool for 20 minutes before the next try or
  • Replace the power supply

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Use of external surge protector

Because of an in-built surge protector, utilization of an external surge protector hinders the console from receiving full power for optimal performance. This is likely to trip the internal power supply breaker.

  • One must disconnect any external surge protector (if any) and reset the internal power supply by following steps:
  1. Unplug the power cord
  2. Wait for 10 minutes to allow cooling
  3. Plug it back and hit the power button

If the console starts normally, the reset worked.

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No display detected

If the power supply LED is lit, but still, the console isn’t turning ON, you should check for HDMI connections as the console never starts unless connected to a working display.

  • Try switching ports on your TV.


The absence of proper ventilation might shut down your console in the middle of a gaming session and prevent it from starting right after that.

  • Clean dust out of vents.

Xbox Support

If none of the above worked for you, try contacting Xbox customer support.

How to Fix an Xbox 360 That Won't Turn On


If everything’s just fine but still console isn’t turning ON, your Motherboard just got expired.

  • You might have to replace your motherboard.

Finally, it’s time you take a deep breath and finally hit the power button with the name of God!!!

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