How to Fix an Xbox One Controller That Won’t Turn On

by Wajeeha Qureshi
Xbox One Controller

Before plunging into troubleshooting of Xbox One, let’s have an insight into the real winner of the heated battle between Dualshock 4 and Xbox One controller.

  1. In spite of being deficient in terms of motion sensitivity and built-in speakers, the Xbox One controller gets qualified as the best multi-platform controller out there, saving time for less tech-savvy PC enthusiasts and overcomes the Bluetooth limitations of its predecessors.
  2. An extra cost of a few bucks seems to be reasonable considering its minimalist design along with the capability of swapping among a variety of D-pads and metal thumbsticks
  3. How can one ignore its unparalleled ergonomics, adapting comfortably to one’s hand size and playstyle

Xbox One Controller That Won't Turn On

Although this beefy Xbox One controller is quite sturdy, still a number of reasons are sufficient for sucking the immersion out of your gaming session.

Test the health of your controller

For a functional controller, pressing the Xbox button flashes it and the flash stays. If there is no flashing observed, don’t get a heart attack. It’s just a matter of few tweaks or a few bucks.

The core issues

The most common issues that may be halting your controller from turning ON are batteries, battery contact points, charge and play kit, firmware issues, and internal hardware derangements.

Batteries drain you along with themselves!!

The most common issue is of batteries that may be:

  1. Worn out
  2. Discharged completely
  3. Improperly installation

Battery contacts

Even for a functional battery, check for:

  1. Bent battery contacts
  2. Torn out contacts
  3. The battery is not in firm contact with reciprocal metal contacts on the battery compartment
  4. Batteries inserted in the wrong direction

USB Cable

In case of charge and play kit, ensure:

  1. Use of high-quality cords to escape the internal tearing of wires one can’t detect
  2. The cable is not torn at any point
  3. Improperly plugged cable

Corrupted Firmware

For an interrupted firmware installation, the disturbed firmware is likely to fail your controller.

Broken appliances

A physically distorted or broken controller might be the sign that it’s better to spare some coins and move onto a new controller.

Common Fixes

Battery Replacement

  1. Remove battery compartment from the back of the controller
  2. Check for any physical signs of wear and tear, if found just go for replacement of batteries.
  3. If both batteries are intact and there is no other distinct issue, still opt for replacement.

Never insert batteries taken out of a different device. Always use brand new batteries out of the box.

Battery Repositioning

  1. Reposition battery according to “+” “-“ signs on both battery and battery compartment.
  2. Reposition to ensure that battery and metal contacts are contacting one another.

Battery Charging

Charge battery in case you own charge and play kit

Battery Compartment terminals

Instead of using springs as in most conventional electronic devices, it uses metal tabs that mark their own problems:

  • Metal tabs bend slightly when batteries are inserted
  • Tabs weaken or bend over time
  • Tabs are permanently bent if too much force is applied

Examine the contacts. In case of any sign of bending, use a screwdriver to bend it back carefully.

Test the Charge and Play Kit

  1. Check the charge and play kit
  2. If it’s not working, plug it into a different USB port of the console. If still, it isn’t working, consider the cable dead.
  3. Replace USB cable of kit

Update Firmware

Check for update on your Xbox console by connecting a keyboard. Reupdate via the path: System > Settings > Devices & streaming > Accessories> “your Xbox controller”>Device info > Firmware version

Try Using Controller With USB Cable Permanently

When all the above tweaks fail you, connect the controller to the console via a cable permanently. Just, in that case, purchase a long cable for convenience.

Head Over To Customer Support

When all that hard work fails you, it’s time to give customer support. Thrive for a replacement if your controller is under warranty.

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