How to fix Fitbit Versa, Versa 2 and Charge 3 Won’t turn On

by Adeel Younas

Fitbit is a modern and innovative fitness tracker, and there are others like it, for example, Xiaomi Band and Honor Band. Fitbit first introduced in 2009 as wearable tech made tremendous progress and the company are now well known for its fitness trackers. If you are here most probably you own a Fitbit tracker and it won’t turn on in case my guess is right you will need to fix it following this guide. Before we proceed to the solution of Fitbit not turning on, let’s move on and learn why it might happen.

Issues that might not let Fitbit Work

There are several Fitbit models and it includes several bands, smartwatches and another wearable tech having similar makes sure most of them might have a common issue. So the troubleshooting for one might also work for others.

A widespread issue with Fitbit won’t turn on is its battery wholly drained, and standard charger will not work. During such cases and problems, Fitbit’s software won’t let it start as a normal device.

We will be discussing all possible solutions that might return your Fitbit to its normal state. If there is any hardware issue with the Fitbit, i would recommend getting it repaired from official customer support. These fixes will work on all models of Fitbit including Ionic, Versa, Versa 2 Smartwatches along with Charge 3, Inspire Family and Ace 2 bands and others.

How to Fix Your Fitbit so It will Turn On

Dust, Dirt During Storage: Most common cause could be the dust, dirt or particles that won’t let charger connect properly. In such cases clean your Fitbit Wrist Band, Watch or Wearable tech and put on charger hopefully it will work.

Not Enough Power: It is possible that your Fitbit is not getting enough power to charge its battery, plug Its charger into AC wall adapter rather than your computer. A USB power usually does not provide enough power like the AC wall adapter. Let the AC Adapter connected for enough time, so your device should turn on.

Enough Charging Time: Charging Fitbit for a minimum of three hours is recommended if it still doesn’t turn on charge it overnight.

Try Restarting: The most common solution of all is restarting your Fitbit if your device is not working as it should restarting might be helpful. Press and keep holding Fitbit’s main button for 20-seconds to restart it.

Multiple restarts with charging in between: Try multiple restarts with plugging charging in between each attempt. The logic behind this process is Fitbit might need a proper reboot to work.

Reset Fitbit: The last option after several restarts with charging is Resetting your Fitbit back to its factory settings. The reset procedure is different for every model, and you can find a method for your device on the internet easily.

Make Sure Charger is Working: In a few cases, your charger might be the real culprit, and your band is fine. Try replacing charger with another one. If there is no hardware issue, your Fitbit will turn on eventually.

If none of the above methods works for you, there are higher chances that your device needs to be checked by customer support. It might be suffering from hardware damage or any other technical issue.

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Bob So0er January 15, 2021 - 11:45 pm

I have tried all of the methods in this and the problem persists I need to send it back to Fitbit for a replacement

Adeel Younas January 17, 2021 - 9:46 am

If none of these worked you should go for it


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