How to fix “Insufficient storage available” error

If you see the warning message “insufficient storage available” on your Android based smartphone or tab and you do have space available in your memory you can fix the error simply by following steps to clear Phone’s cache and you will be able to download, update and install apps again in matters of few minutes. Here is How to fix ‘insufficient storage available’ error in your smartphone

Why This Error Occur

Error message “insufficient storage available” may surprise you when you have extra storage space on your Android smartphone, but there is the reason behind this error. When you download an application, a part of it has to be installed on phone’s internal memory. If the storage is full you will not be able to download more apps, even if your MicroSD card is fully empty.

Insufficient storage space

Most of the smartphone consume much space left for apps because the system takes up so much. It is more important to remember that even if a smartphone claims to have 8,16,32 and 64 GB, the reality is always less.

How can I solve this problem? Simply sort out your internal storage. If you want to keep everything you need to move your files (videos, music, docs, and photos) to your MicroSD card. You can make more room in your Internal Memory.

You should also think about using cloud solutions to store your files remotely and access when needed using services like Google Drive, Dropbox and few others available out there. For example, you can use Spotify or Sound Cloud for music.

However, keep in mind that it is not easy to move data in all devices from Phone memory to SD card, you can achieve this by rooting your smartphone.

There are reserved files and apps that system needs to function, it is best not to mess around with space because it may harm your device.

Clearing Cache

First, check whether your device has an option to clear the cache for all apps without manually clearing each. For example, I can quickly clear the app cache on my Samsung Galaxy S6 by opening the Settings menu and choosing Storage, then taping on Cached data and selecting Delete in the prompt ‘Clear cached data. This will clear cached data for all apps’.

First, check whether your device has an option to clear cache for all apps without manually clearing each. For example to clear app cache on Samsung Galaxy S6 simply go to Setting menu > Storage >Tap Cached Data > Select Delete in prompt

App Cache

Factory Reset

The final solution to this problem is: Reset your device to factory settings: you will be able to gain space and speed but you may lose important files and data so first backups your files.

Which one of the above method worked for you? share in comments below


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