How to Get Channel Pear Back on Your Roku Step by Step Tutorial

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You can save money by cutting your cable station and still enjoying channels through Channel Pear. This is a cloud-based streaming software that provides live TV footage covering almost every channel from MSNBC, CNN, ESPN, and CN even though it is limited to five stations unless you want to add a channel by paying.

How to Get Channel Pear Back on Your Roku

It’s been quite some time since Roku removed Channel Pear from its supported list because of the legality of this software. However, you can still enjoy channel pear on Roku by following the step by step method mention below.

How to Watch Channel Pear on Roku With M3u Playlist Player

Channel Pear provides an easy way to set up and getting the app back and running on your Roku in a few minutes. All you need to do is to download a separate app known as M3u Playlist Player, then watch the live stream through that app.

Step#1: Log into your Roku account using an internet browser, for example, Chrome.

Step#2: Then follow this link to download M3u Playlist Player and select Install.

Step#3: Now launch the new app through remote control of your Roku by heading over to “Settings” then “System Update” and check for updates. After the software is updated, Channel Pear should appear on your Roku.

Step#4: Now, all you have to do is to synchronize your Channel Pear playlist with M3u Playlist Player. Now, go to the online library, then click on “Pair” and open a dropdown menu afterward, select Roku. You will have a unique URL; decide and copy it on your phone.

Step#5: Now launch M3u Playlist Player on Roku and tap the new Playlist through your remote control. Then, name your playlist as per your requirement and press “Next.”

Step#6: The final step is to copy the custom library URL into the text field using the Roku app on your smartphone. Once done, relaunch M3u Playlist Player on your Roku, and you can watch Channel Pear on your Roku.

I attempted this one for myself, and the whole procedure was fast and straightforward. Even when you’re utilizing Channel Pear for the very first time, it should not take over 30 minutes to get set up and begin streaming in your own Roku.

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Step by Step Guide for Getting Back Channel Pear Your Roku with Plex

If you are a lover of Plex, there is one other way to get Channel Pear back to your own Roku. You will also need a Windows computer to proceed with this tutorial, let’s start:


How to Get Channel Pear Back on Your Roku

Step#1: Download the Channel Pear Bundle from Here.

Step#2: Extract Channel Pear from downloaded “” file with WinRAR.

How to Get Channel Pear Back on Your Roku

Step#3: Rename the extracted folder from “channelpear.bundle-master” to “channel peak.bundle

How to Get Channel Pear Back on Your Roku

Step#4: Copy channelpear.bundle folder

Get Channel Pear Back on Your Roku

Step#5: Scroll to Show hidden icons and right-click on Plex’s image then choose “Open Plug-ins Folder.”

How to Get Channel Pear Back on Your Roku

Step#6: Now paste the folder copied earlier into the “Plug-ins” folder.

How to Get Channel Pear Back on Your Roku

Now all you need to do is to reset Plex, and you can do it by simply double-clicking on the Plex icon Tasks section or by restarting your PC. That’s it, and now you have Channel Pear Back on your Roku.

If you face any trouble during the procedure, do let me know in the comment section below.

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