How to get computerized arms licenses through NADRA

How to get computerized licenses
How to get computerized licenses

Government of Punjab is working for the provision of computerized arms licenses for the citizens of Province with the participation of NADRA.

If a citizen have a weapon and want a computerized license for his arm, he has to visit NADRA Office or facilitation center specified for the respective service. In this post we’ve explained easy way to explained how to get computerized arm license:

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Applicant required to bring Original CNIC, existing arm license and Two Passport size pictures to apply for the new arm license. The citizen also required to submit Rs. 14,00 to any Omni Shop as the application fee.

In the first phase, those arm licenses will be computerized which has been issued during 2009-14. The deadline for the first phase of the re verification is February, 28 2015. For more queries, you can call anytime at 11-786-100.

Government has been working for provisioning of the computerized arm licenses since long time and many developments have been made in this regard. Now the government has finally been able to work on ground.

Government has to issue the computerized licenses because of the increasing number of fake licenses across the province and the country as well. Computerized system will make it more difficult for the illicit elements who use their link in an illegal way to get their arms licensed.



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