How To Get Frenzied Flame Seal In Elden Ring

by Abdullah Qureshi

It wasn’t just the challenging learning curves and soul-crushing difficulty that made Hidetaka Miyazaki’s video game titles a hit, but also the sheer variety of playstyles (player builds) that earned those diabolical Soulsborne franchise their notorious fame and infernal throne. And their latest feat, Elden Ring, is by far no exception.

Why The Need For such Oddities – Seals

From solid early-game enemies to those late, gut-wrenching bosses, incantations are the only hope of staying alive and clinging to your miserable existence in The Lands Between. See, you need incantations, and seals are those items that can be used to cast incantations.

If the incantation is your ammunition

Then the Sacred Seal must be your gun

How To Get Frenzied Flame Seal In Elden Ring

Would you survive without those Oddities – Incantations

Ah, I see… You’re a tarnished, eh… maiden less too…hmm… So pitiful!!! Yet, so eager for a rampage ride across The Lands Between!!! Such a tarnished, like you, with your old rusty Finger Seal won’t even survive to witness the gates of Stormveil Castle.

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Haven’t you heard? Those weird multi-limbed monstrosities, blood-curdling hellhounds, and giant-headed beasties out there can even make the bravest of tarnished piss themselves!!!

And, yet, you dream of becoming the Elden Lord, don’t you?

Heed my words: “None shall seal the Elden Ring without dominating all those within The Lands Between. And none have dominated without those bizarre deity weapons, soul-shattering spells, and indomitable incantations.”

Frenzied Flame Seal ­­– Why the obsession?

If you’re getting crazy for a niche sacred seal with a paltry of builds revolving around it; you must be quite desperate for buffing some of the Three Finger Incantations. Most of these are pivoting upon the madness status effect.

Though the amount of damage caused by the Flame Seal isn’t that high, yet the 0 weight of this Seal makes it a great attack weapon for its attack speed. Besides the madness incantations that the Seal buffs, it also causes madness buildup per physical hit.

Below are the known madness incantations buffed by the seal:

  • Flame of Frenzy
  • Unendurable Frenzy
  • Howl of Shabriri
  • Frenzied Burst

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How To Get Frenzied Flame Seal In Elden Ring

You must complete Hyetta’s questline to the very end to get your hands on a Frenzied Flame Seal.

Where To Begin – Meeting The NPC

For initiating the quest line, drag your very tarnished being to the Lake Facing-Cliffs Site of Grace after acquiring Irina’s letter.

How To Get Frenzied Flame Seal In Elden Ring

Delivering the Grapes

Speak to her, and she’ll express her desperation for Shabiri Grapes. This sets you up for an arduous exploration of The Lands Between for 3 Shabriri Grape and the Fingerprint Grape. At every location listed below, Hyetta will ask for a grape.   

Location of all Grapes:

  • Shabiri Grape from Godrick’s Throne room in Stormveil Castle – The first Shabiri Grape is right beside a kneeling spirit just before exiting Liurnia.
  • Shabiri Grape from Edgar in Castle Morne or Irina’s location – Killing Edgar would instantly provide the Grape, but you can spare him to get the Grape later in his quest.
  • Shabriri Grape from the underground room in Purified Ruins – destroy the wooden planks hiding the entrance to the underground chamber and find the Grape there.
  • Fingerprint Grape from Church of Inhibition – you must defeat the Festering Fingerprint Vyke.

Locations she’ll appear at:

  • Lake-Facing Cliff’s site of grace 1st grape
  • West of Purified Ruins in the Liurnia Region – 2nd grape
  • Right of Gate-Town Bridge – 3rd grape
  • Site of Grace at Bellum Church – Fingerprint Grape

Getting To The Three Fingers

You must seek out the hidden Three Fingers within the unpleasant Leyndell Catacombs and chase the path of the Frenzied Flame through the Forsaken depths. Make your way through piles of corpses, and soon you’ll be blessed with the audience of the Three Fingers and the Frenzied Flame.

Getting To The Frenzied Flame Proscription

The proscription and Hyetta can be found at the Site of Grace underneath Leyndell. You’ll become the Lord of Chaos and receive the Frenzied Flame Seal then.

How To Get Frenzied Flame Seal In Elden Ring

Why haven’t you gone already? Why aren’t you out there massacring those gruesome beings? They’re still out there!!!

Hellhounds still need bolts of lightning to be hurled at. Blood-thirsty Knights need to be backstabbed with lightning-infused swords and even those multilimbed monstrosities are waiting just to be wiped out by your ancient dragon lightning incantations.
Farewell, Tarnished!!!  

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