How to Get iPhone Tethering App without Jailbreak

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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iPhone Tethering App without Jailbreak

Are you looking for a solution to the iPhone tethering app without jailbreak available online, then you are at right place. Tether is now widespread, and almost every smartphone has it. Some apps make it possible to enable Personal Hotspot Tethering on your iPhone without jailbreaking like TetherMe.

Here’s How to Install iPhone Tethering App without Jailbreak

If you are an iPhone and the iPad user, you are already aware of the App Store, which has millions of app and game that are released for iOS. However, expert users also know that the best solution exists outside the App Store because of Apple’s policies. This is the point where jailbreaks and sideloading IPA files come in to provide you with great solutions.

As mentioned, these particular apps give you the ability to share your data connection with any Windows or MacOS based laptop and even other smartphones.


Who would benefit from iPhone tethering app without jailbreak? Well, anyone who uses a carrier plan that charges extra to enable Personal Hotspot tethering feature, it would be useful. For most of the users getting tethering ability on their iPhone without their carrier knowing could be either shocking or fabulous.

There are apps available to provide tether facility to iPhone users, but this TetherMe does it without the need for jailbreak. TetherMe has been around from quite some time. There has been a re-compiled version that brings the attention of those with non-jailbroken devices as well as with iOS 11 compatibility.

The new IPA file is based on old codebase and work done by Ricky Zhang but has no official input from him. It has been recompiled and available to download and use, all you need to have is working brain and knowledge to make it work.

If you want to install iPhone hotspot app without jailbreak, you can get it lastest IPA by clicking on Download button below. This would give you file that you need to sideload an app onto your device.

Download IPA File Here

Once you are done downloading the IPA file, all you need to have is a little bit of knowledge to make it up and running on your iPhone. You can find details and how to’s on GitHub page where the project was first launched. It’s tough, but you can make it running, and it’s worth it.

So that’s all about iPhone hotspot without jailbreak, if you have any question mention it in the comment section below.


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