How to get new Gmail and Smart Compose

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Confidential Mode Will Keep You Gmail's Data Private But It's Not Enough

In April Google revealed a new look for Gmail along with new feature – new offline mode, sending self-destructing messages and Smart Replies.

There is next step than basic replies, Smart Compose announced at Google I/O.

How to Get new Gmail and Smart Compose.

Smart Compose uses AI to guess what you are going to type based on recipient, email subject, and your typical writing habits. If you compose an email with a subject of “Plans for weekends” this feature will start to suggest the kind of things people write when planning weekends.

Smart Compose is expected to announce in upcoming weeks, but you can enable it right now by just going into Gmail settings, under the General tab find and enable Experimental Access.


If you encounter any problem, close your browser and then signed back in to use this feature.

To use this feature you have to get new Gmail.

If You want to get new Gmail to look just click on the setting gear and click on the try new Gmail.

New Gmail

This feature is easy to use when you are typing like “How ” it will automatically suggest “are you?” and you just have to press Tab.

Usage of Smart Compose

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