How to Get the Last Man Standing – Destiny 2 New Season

by Wajeeha Qureshi
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Destiny 2‘s current Season of the Worthy has brought not only new armaments and fun weapons but also some favorites from the original Destiny. Coursing its way through the Season of Drifters to the Season of Worthy, this beloved weapon is nothing else than the Last Man Standing, referred to as “OZYMANDIAS” by the Bungie developers.

Being a mere Legendary (purple) tier weapon, it may not seem ostentatious at the very first glimpse. However, for those having the craze of shotguns, Ozymandias would be the first weapon to start with.

Planning to get your hands on your very own mighty tank-busting shotgun for bursting off your enemies? Scroll down to know the trick!

Driving its victims to hell through the immense solar damage, it categorizes itself among the stronger weapons like Mindbender’s Ambitions and gains popularity in PVE mode. Being the only shotgun with Demolitionist and some exceptional perks like One-Two punch makes it worth your shotgun’s slot.

How to Get the Last Man Standing in Destiny 2 – The Legendary Shotgun

Below are those few steps one needs to go through to claim the Last man standing shotgun.

Each time you kill an epic boss, earn a medal, or complete a perilous fight, you are gifted with weapons. But for getting your hands on a legendary weapon, you need to play the Gambit Prime matches and second and third tiers of Reckonings.

You can also run through the strike, kill the boss at the end and collect loot where you get a chance of getting legendary weapons.

Play Gambit Prime Matches

Unlike the traditional old Gambit, it features a one-round match promising stronger enemy hordes in huge waves, so you will have to do more teamwork and bank your Motes for surviving in the epic environment.

The team that gets rid of their primeval first wins the game!

destiny 2 teams

Play Reckonings to Get Last Man Standing

It is a sort of a PVE mode which you play for getting Gambit Prime armor and Gambit weapons.

Tier 1

it’s a simple horde mode in which one needs to fill a meter by killing dudes before time runs out that will spawn the Bigboss. If you’re good enough, it will not take long to melt boss.

Tier 2

It starts with an introductory horde just as same as that of tier one, with higher-level enemies. Once you defeat it, a hallway from the back of the arena opens, leading to the Bridge of Folly.

Making your way towards the bridge, you will have to hold each zone half a minute while encountering snipers and ultras. To ensure things remain under control, you should have the right Supers in your fireteam.

Once you reach the Bridge of Folly, a Taken portal or a jump pad will appear at the bridge depending upon which boss you are encountering. Two boss fights alternate each week.

  1. The Reckoning Likeness of Oryx boss fight
  2. The Reckoning Abyssal Champions boss fight

Tier 3

It is very much similar to tier two, just hordes become more robust here, the bosses tankier, and the time shortens. The strategies need to be executed still the same, but you are going to need a much higher power level.

While playing the game, you get random drops of weapons. It may not drop the first time or even not for the tenth time, but you will have to continue with perseverance and patience.

Getting Last Man Standing in Destiny 2

Keep going, and you will surely see the day when the Last Man Standing will finally appear in your armory for you to turn your enemies to ashes. Let me know if you’ve any queries in the comments section below!

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