How to install the iTunes App Store on Android

by Adeel Younas
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apple store on android

It is not possible to install the Apple App store or run iOS apps on an Android smartphone, but you can browse the Apple Store applications from your Android devices. Now you might be wondering how it is possible? Using a third-party app to browse the Apple App Store might not sound well, but it is much faster than the official App Store. This third app lets you compare the apps available on Android as well as purchasing the matching app from Apple Store.


1. Download the “Apps Explorer” app from the Google Play Store.

This is a free application which allows you to browse iTune apps on the Apple App Store. You cannot download these apps to your Android device, but you can use this app to check for the Android version of the same app you are searching.


2. Start “Apps Explorer.”

This will load the list of the most popular paid apps on the Apple App Store.

3. Use the drop-down menus to change the view.

The menus on the top of the application list will allow you to choose between free and the paid apps and will let you to sort the apps by popularity and genre.

4. Tap an app to see details.

Once you tap the app, it will load the app discretion along with screenshots.

5. Tap the “Share” button in the upper-right.

Tapping this button will open a menu with many options.

  • Search App on Market” – This button will search the Google Play Store for the title of the app. You may be able to find the same app or a comparable one for your device this way.
  • Search Author on Market” – This button will allow you to search Play Store for the Developer of the app.
  • Search App on Google” – This option will run a Google search on the app title.
  • Share App info” – This will open a list of sharing methods, depending on the apps you have installed. Sharing will sen the recipient a link to the Apple App store for the respective app.

6. Open the apps page in the App Store website

If you found the app you are looking for and want to purchase that for your Apple device, tap the button at the button of the details page to open the browser. The page for the required app will open and allow you to sign with your Apple ID and purchase it.


Hope that you liked my tutorial if I missed anything comment below!


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