How to Maintain 100% Battery Life on iPhone 15 Pro / Max

by Shumail Ali
iPhone 15 Pro battery health

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are not just a smartphone; these are lifestyle gadget that ensures high levels of user satisfaction, especially in terms of battery health. An iPhone kept at 100% battery health doesn’t just make your phone last all day; it also extends its lifespan.

The iPhone 15 series features a new set of charging optimization options designed to maintain your battery’s health at the optimum level. Located under the ‘Charging Optimization’ in the Battery Health and Charging menu.

‘Charging optimization’ is only available in iPhone 15 series for the time being. It allows users to maintain their iPhone’s battery health at its best, extending the device’s life.

Guide to Achieving 100% Battery Health of iPhone 15 Pro / Max:

The first step in this endeavor is to navigate your way to the desired settings on your iPhone. Here are your detailed steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate and tap on the Battery option.
  3. Once inside the Battery menu, tap on the Battery Health & Charging option.
  4. Here, you’ll see the Charging Optimization option. Go ahead and tap it.

Charging Optimization Choices

Upon entering the charging options, you’ll now have to make a choice:

  • 80% Limit: This is an option that will stop charging your device once it hits 80% to preserve the overall lifespan of your battery. If you wish to choose this, simply tap it to enable this feature.
  • Optimized Battery Charging: This feature learns your daily charging routines and slows down battery aging.
  • None: By selecting this, you’re giving your iPhone permission to charge to full capacity every time, potentially impacting battery heath over time.

Remember, taking care of your new iPhone 15 Pro Max battery is integral not just for day-to-day use, but for the longevity of your device as well.

iPhone 15 Pro 100% battery health

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Additional Tips to Maintain iPhone 15 Pro / Max Health

For those of you in possession of an iPhone 15 Pro, maintaining battery health is crucial for the longevity of your device. Here are some helpful tips to extend your iPhone 15 Pro’s battery life:

  • Turn Off Unneeded Features: Features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirDrop can sap your iPhone’s battery if left running unnecessarily. Τurning off these features when not in use will surely help conserve battery life.
  • Lower the Screen Brightness: The incredibly bright, high-resolution screen of your iPhone 15 Pro drains a significant portion of the battery. You can mitigate this by reducing the brightness level.
  • Enable Low-Power Mode: Activating low-power mode helps preserve battery life by reducing system animations and background app activity, and darkening the screen.
  • Close Unused Apps: Apps running in the background, even when not in use, can consume significant battery power. Regularly closing unused apps is a simple way to save battery life.
  • Keep Software Up-To-Date: System updates often include optimizations designed to increase battery life. Hence, it’s important always to install updated software as it becomes available.

As the experts in cell phone repair recommend, keeping your device updated provides the best chance for optimal battery health.

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  • Use Battery-Saving Apps: Numerous apps available on the App Store can assist you in optimizing your iPhone’s battery life. These types of apps can identify and manage energy-consuming applications, helping to extend your battery longevity.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Extreme hot or cold temperatures can severely impact your battery life. Avoid exposing your iPhone 15 Pro to such temperatures as they may cause damage to sensitive internal components.
  • Turn Off Location Services: While useful, location services are a significant battery drain. When not needed, it’s wise to disable this function entirely or limit it to certain apps.
  • Turn Off Push Notifications: Notably, if you receive many of them, push notifications can deplete your battery life. Disabling notifications for seldom-used apps or turning off push notifications completely can assist in battery conservation.
  • Use Airplane Mode: In areas with limited or no cell signal, your iPhone will constantly search for a signal. This searching significantly drains the battery. Consider using Airplane mode to conserve battery in such situations.
  • Use Original Charging Equipment: Non-certified charging equipment can damage your iPhone’s battery over time. Experts recommend always using the original charger and cable that come with your iPhone. If replacements are needed, make sure they are certified.
  • Avoid Overcharging: While not necessarily damaging, leaving your iPhone plugged in after reaching full charge can cause heat build-up and potentially reduce battery life. Unplugging your device once fully charged can help avoid this issue.

Observing these practices can significantly boost the life expectancy of your iPhone 15 Pro’s battery, ensuring you get the most from your device.

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