5 Easy Steps to Create an Engaging Slideshow Video for YouTube

by Sahrish Kanwal
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How to Make a YouTube Slideshow

If you want to showcase your artwork or create a video tutorial, then YouTube is the perfect platform. With over 2.6 billion active users, YouTube is the best video-sharing platform to show your content to the world. But to create high-quality videos, you must ensure your video is prepared for sharing online. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to make a slideshow video for YouTube and provide tips to avoid common mistakes.

Step 1: Find a slideshow-making program

SlideShow Making Program

The tool you use to create YouTube slideshow will determine the quality of your video, so be selective. Choose a program with various templates, text styles, embellishments, and file formats. Most importantly, ensure the software has royalty-free tracks to avoid copyright violations. You also give a shot to professional video editing tools like Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro. There is also apps/software like DaVinci Resolve that lets you edit like a pro for free.

Step 2: Make an engaging intro

Make Engaging Intro

Your intro is the first thing your viewers will see, so it should be eye-catching. You can use pre-designed templates or create an intro from scratch. It’s usually a short title screen or a voiceover with on-screen text that explains what the video is about.

Step 3: Apply effects

Apply Effects YouTube Slideshow

To make YouTube photo slideshow stand out, use various effects like 3D transitions, text animations, sound effects, and keyframes to make them more dynamic.

Step 4: Accompany the project with music

The slideshow soundtrack plays an incredibly important role – it can create the vibes you want or ruin the video. Each genre of music will evoke a different emotion. To give your slideshow energy, go for something upbeat, and add slower tunes to make the slideshow feel more cinematic. But no matter what song you pick, you can quickly level up the slideshow and give it an even flow by simply matching the beats with the transitions. Now there are free AI tools that let you create your own copyright-free music with few clicks.

Step 5: Adjust the export settings

To maintain the quality of your slideshow after uploading, save it in MP4 or MOV format. Ensure the aspect ratio is 16:9 and the file size is less than 128 GB. Use the H.264 codec and audio codec AAC-LC for the best quality. If you’re into YouTube shorts, try a 9:16 aspect ratio for the best results.

Tips for a Successful YouTube Slideshow

Choose relatable pics and videos – Use images that are relevant to the topic and visually appealing to your audience. Use your materials or stock images available for personal and commercial use.

Keep it short – Avoid making your video too long, as the average attention span is getting shorter yearly. Create multiple short slideshows or eliminate unnecessary slides. Right now average attention span is about 47 seconds.

Don’t overstyle the text – Use a maximum of 2-3 caption styles to tell different information types. Use easy-to-read fonts such as Georgia, Futura, Open Sans, or Helvetica.

Creating a top-notch YouTube slideshow requires a feature-rich program, funky effects, a catchy soundtrack, and a bit of creativity. This guide on how to make a slideshow for YouTube provides you with the ins and outs of creating a successful video. So, start your slideshow-making program, and create your first video to become a YouTube star today!

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